Thusanani Childrens Foundation

  Thusanani is located on the 3rd Floor of the CMI Building

  Terryl Mathibedi

  011 484 3128


Thusanani Children’s Foundation a registered non-profit organisation living the mission to address the developmental needs of babies and young children in Orphanages. Thusanani offers speech therapy, occupational therapy and ECD training programs to children 0-6 years and their caregivers at over forty children’s homes across Gauteng.

The ideal is to integrate children into their immediate community through foster families or adoption, this is not always possible due to the large number of children. As a result, many children are growing up in institutions where they do not receive individual, age appropriate stimulation. Institutionalisation contributes to developmental delay, a potential risk of future disability as well as attachment and bonding difficulties, affecting the development of healthy relationships as a teen and adult.

Thusanani means “helping each other” and their aim is to reduce the vulnerability of abandoned or orphaned babies and children in this age group who are growing up in temporary safe care. Thusanani is the only organisation of this kind in South Africa and offer an essential therapy to often marginalised children.

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