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Welcome to the Children’s Memorial Institute’s website. Please take the time to immerse yourself in information about our historic building, the organisations that make up the Children’s Memorial Institute, and the remarkable work they do in providing for children in need.

The Children’s Memorial Institute is home to approximately 30 organisations, most of which are non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, just a stone’s throw away from the Constitutional Hill, the organisations in the building provide a multitude of services to disadvantaged and disabled children, mainly in the educational, medical, social, psychological and legal sectors.

The building, which is approaching 100 years, started out as a hospital solely for children to serve the needs of the Transvaal. The building was abandoned and neglected when the Johannesburg General Hospital opened in the 1970s and the services from the Children’s Hospital were transferred. The late Professor Lorna Jacklin, together with Professor Hansen, were the first to ensure that NGOs which supported the paediatric department at the general hospital be allowed to use the facility department, and hence the Transvaal Memorial Institute, which developed in the Children’s Memorial Institute, was borne.

Today, this historical building has been transformed into the Children’s Memorial Institute that continues to serve the children of Johannesburg and provide a healing place for children who need it most. This unique establishment is made up of organisations and people who have extensive knowledge, expertise and skills when it comes to looking after the well-being of children. Whether it be a physical disability, an abused child, or a mental impairment, the organisations in the building are equipped to help and support both the children and their families.

The Children’s Memorial Institute is overseen by a dedicated Board which provides oversight to the functioning of the Institute. Made up of both representatives from within organisations at the Children’s Memorial Institute as well as professionals outside of the Institute, the Board ensures good governance and oversees the operations of the organisation.

I encourage you to visit the Children’s Memorial Institute and the organisations that make it the unique and special place that it is. I guarantee that you will not leave without feeling the heart and soul of the building, the organisations and the people who ensure that the children in our city are cared for.

Shona Young - Chairperson of the CMI Board

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