The Teddy Bear Clinic

  The Teddy Bear Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of the CMI

  Shaheda Omar

  011 484 4554/4539/4553


The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children (TTBC) originated in 1986 in response to an urgent need for medical examinations for sexually abused children. It has subsequently grown over the years into a fully fledged service for abused children and their families, which includes: forensic medical examinations, forensic assessments, counselling, psychological testing and, more recently, a diversion programme for young sex offenders.

The Teddy Bear Clinic’s role is also to provide counselling to abused children and their families, preparing them for court. The Teddy Bear Clinic aims to minimize the harm to children (prevent secondary victimization) and their families when entering a court trial by providing them with expertise, information and support.

The Teddy Bear Clinic consists of field professionals, such as social workers and doctors. TTBC helps children from ages 3 – 18, going into schools and equipping the children with the knowledge on how to handle various situations, empowering them regarding their rights and teaching them pro-social skills. Communities are helped by equipping them with information on how to identify and manage abuse by staging workshops and training. Most of the volunteers are from the communities helped.


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