Malamulele Onward

  Malamulele is accessed through Gate 10 and is situated adjacent to the Afrika Tikkun / Uthando Centre

  Vutomi Ringane

  011 484 9456


Our main objective is to ensure that children living with CP receive all kind of therapy needed for them to participate fully in all aspects of life. As a result of our work, all the children who have been assisted have shown marked improvements in terms of their being able to 'communicate', eat appropriate foods and move around move easily. Their parents used to blame themselves for their children’s disabilities, some used to think that they were “cursed” or “bewitched.” However, due to our trainings, they now fully understand what CP is and feel equipped to care for their children in ways that are helpful. There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, so there is a need for ongoing support.

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