Malamulele Onward

  Malamulele is accessed through Gate 10 and is situated adjacent to the Afrika Tikkun / Uthando Centre

  Vutomi Ringane

  011 484 9456


Malamulele Onward is a non-governmental organization providing specialized therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy), equipment and caregiver training to poorly-resourced rural areas of South Africa where children severely disabled by cerebral palsy have little or no access to rehabilitation therapy and equipment.

Malamulele’s vision is to sustainably address the rehabilitation needs of children with cerebral palsy, living in the most disadvantaged areas. Projects include outreach visits to selected sites in deeply rural areas; bringing children and their caregivers to the offices in Johannesburg for a two week course of intensive therapy and training; and the development of a Mother to Mother training programme. A unique feature of the organization is that therapists who have specialized in working with children with cerebral palsy volunteer their time to treat the children and train the caregivers.

Malumulele currently works with just over 350 children at 9 sites in Limpopo, Kwa- Zulu Natal, the Eastern Cape and Lesotho. Malamulele Onward is the only organization in Southern Africa that actively visits rural communities to identify and treat children with cerebral palsy in a sustainable manner.

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