Lefika La Phodiso

  Lefika La Phodiso is located on the 2nd Floor of the CMI

  Phumzile Rakosa and Kamal Naran

  011 484 4672








Established in 1994 by Dr Hayley Berman, Lefika La Phodiso ‘The Rock of Holding’ is Africa’s first psychoanalytically informed Community Art Counselling training institute. Lefika’s vision is to build national capacity for empathy by training groups of Community Art Counsellors dedicated to psychosocial transformation. The mission of Lefika La Phodiso is to create safe creative spaces.

Lefika’s Community Art Counselling training focuses on creative group work and psychodynamic thinking, relating to community, education and counselling work, increasing access to mental health services through creative arts.

Lefika facilitates community-based art counselling programmes that offer an integrated therapeutic safe space. Services include after school art counselling, art skills, drama clubs, and creative literacy programmes. Lefika also facilitates tailor-made programmes for team building, corporate events and once off workshops.
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