Johannesburg Child Advocacy Forum

  The Johannesburg Children’s Advocacy Forum is located on the 3rd Floor of the Children’s Memorial Institute

  Annelie du Plessis



The Johannesburg Child and Advocacy Forum – JCAF - is a registered NPO that serves to ensure that the universal rights of children living in South Africa are upheld. To achieve this, JCAF work to protect and advocate for the rights of children, through a continuum of interventions. JCAF’s vision is to see every child safe, well- nurtured and thriving in an enabling environment. To fulfil its vision, JCAF’s aims to ensure that all children have access to the rights as set out in the Constitution. In doing this, JCAF offers psycho-socio and legal support to those in need.

JCAF follows a holistic rights-based approach in ensuring the basic constitutional needs of children are met by drawing on its linkage (within the sector) and its advocacy, research, legal and case work. Its assistance makes provision for direct support to children whose rights have been violated, creating an enabling environment for each affected child. In this way, each child stands to benefit in a multitude of ways, due to JCAF’s multifaceted but also all-inclusive support.

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