Hotel Hope Ministries

  Hotel Hope Ministries is located on the 3rd floorof the CMI off the Memorial Hall.

  Oliver Quambusch

  011 484 4000


Hotel Hope Ministries (HHM) was established in 2008 to help abused, abandoned and orphaned children.

Hotel Hope Ministries has three main focus areas:
  • Foster homes - creating and supporting family style foster homes for abandoned babies. HHM currently has two foster homes which house a total of 21 children. The children, some of whom are in need of medical attention, are between one month and eight years of age.
  • Early childhood development – Hotel Hope provide educational support and guidance to the HHM children, as some of them are in need of advanced development due to the circumstances they faced prior to birth.
  • Currently Hotel Hope have eleven children attending three different schools that are suitable for their needs, all thanks to donors and partners.
  • Charity shops: the purpose of the shops is to provide financial support for the ministry through the donations that are received. Hotel Hope have two shops in Melville on 2nd Ave called Hope and Resurrection. There is furniture, books, clothes, crockery, and antiques on sale.
    Donations of items are always needed.

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