Fight with Insight

  Fight with Insight is located on the 3rd floor of the Children’s Memorial Institute

  Tsakani Baloyi

  081 556 8883



Fight with Insight established a boxing and life gym in Johannesburg to create a safe place that contributes positively to healthy lifestyles and sustainable communities for inner city children.

Our vision is that “every child grows up in a child friendly city with courageous communities that cherish the promise of a joy-filled childhood”.

To achieve this, we have developed an integrated child development programme called “The 5 F’s”, focussing on: Food (input), Fitness (output), Functional feelings (how we internalise challenges) and Family and friends, while still maintaining Fun (as play is the occupation and language of childhood).

This is an open access and inclusive programme, making it accessible to all children and young people regardless of their background and ability.

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