Babies Matter

  Babies Matter is located on the 3rd Floor of the Children’s Memorial Institute.

  Talia-Jade Magnes

  079 859 5714


Neurodevelopmental specialist – paediatrician Professor Lorna Jacklin, has worked with child abuse since the 1980s. She convened a team of highly specialised experts and conceptualised The Shaken and Abused Baby Initiative (SAABI) now known as Babies Matter. The team work tirelessly to address the needs of abused, abandoned and murdered babies.

The Babies Matter team work to manage cases for both the child and family within the child protection system. Once abuse has been identified, the team work to protect the child and to mitigate against further abuse and the resultant injuries and death. The process of identifying infant abuse is complex and requires expertise. The result is the need for a medical and forensic pathology protocol that guides the various clinicians in arriving at a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made Babies Matter then need to protect the child, find suitable alternative placements for these high need children and get evidence before the criminal court to hold the offenders accountable.
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