ACFS Community Education

  Bertha Magoge - Executive Director



The ACFS is a registered child based non-profit organisation established in 1945. The primary focus is impacting educational outcomes through improved education, nutrition and self-reliance programmes. The ACFS reaches approximately 22 000 beneficiaries in the disadvantaged townships of Soweto, Alexandra, Tembisa, Tsakane and Kagiso. ACFS targets predominantly poor and food insecure communities and implements a variety of interventions that empower the children and communities to develop into sustainable and proud communities.

Through ACFS interventions of Toy Libraries, ECD, Child Care, Teenage Girl’s Clubs, structured homework support, Computer skills training and development, food gardens and nutrition support young children are afforded an opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their socio-economic conditions. By focussing on education and nutrition support daily ACFS plays a vital role in reversing some of the vulnerabilities that these children are born into. The ACFS approach recognises that children live in the context of family as their right holders. It is crucial for ACFS to also intervene with programmes that build the capacity of the adult caregivers, so they are better able to care for children.
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