ABBA Adoption Services

  Alice Tandi - 081 549 5274

  Thabitha Maphalle - 071 830 9278

Abba Specialist Adoptions & Social Services is a child protection organization, designated and accredited by the Department of Social Development to render child protection & adoption services

Services provided by Abba Specialist Adoptions & Social Services
  • Promoting adoptions as the preferred form of permanent alternative placement of young adoptable children through community awareness and education campaigns in specific communities and society at large.
  • Improving the skill level and knowledgebase of service providers, by providing specialized adoption training and developing capacity of other relevant key stakeholders within the sector through training and capacity building.
  • Creating and establishing networking forums, such as NACSA and PACSA to ensure more efficient collaboration, within awareness, advocacy and communication campaigns.
  • Recruiting suitable national adoptive parents for adoptable children through specific initiatives like community dialogues, participation in community based events and through the media.
  • Screening and preparation of adoptive parents and legal finalization of adoptions.
  • The rendering of after care services through implementation of post adoption agreements and general support.
  • Rendering Birth parent care services to pregnant women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy through option counselling.
  • Rendering Adoption counselling for individuals/couples facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Providing holistic services and care to young women facing an unplanned pregnancy
  • Rendering Statutory services for children as described in section 157(3) that will lead to the realization of permanency planning and the connecting of children to permanent family relationships.
  • Rendering Inter-country Adoption services under the supervision of the South African Central Authority through mediation and networking within five Inter-country adoption working agreements.

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