Els for Autism South Africa

  The Ernie Els Centre for Autism South Africa is located on the Ground Floor of The Children’s Memorial Institute

  Aretha Kausele

  011 484 7254





The Ernie Els Centre for Autism South Africa (EEC) believes that every child with autism can learn and deserves access to effective education. The EEC recognizes that every parent and family member plays an important role in helping their child reach his or her fullest potential. EEC’s primary purpose is to offer families comprehensive guidance on how to use best practices in education and autism related intervention in order to equip caregivers to teach his or her child.

The Ernie Els Centre currently offer the following support:
  • The Centre provides each family with guidance in using an online Autism related intervention: Rethink First. Given that the centres reach is Nationwide, EEC provides support in numerous ways, including in centre sessions (in Gauteng and Cape Town), as well as telephonic and online guidance. This is offered every 2 to 4 weeks, with the intention of participants practicing and incorporating these skills into their daily life.
  • EEC also utilises the RUBI NETWORK Parent Training for Disruptive Behaviours as a short-term parent coaching tool. This is offered as 12 biweekly sessions with parents or caregivers, focusing on the general tools useful to empower parents/caregivers on how to work with their child.

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