Community Hours

  Community Hours is located on the 3rd floor of the Children’s Memorial Institute just off the Memorial Hall.

  Candice Verster

  067 642 4113


Community Hours is a community based online portal that manages and facilitates community service hours for teens, parents, teachers, schools, active citizens and accredited non-profit organisations. Community Hours offers out of the box volunteering opportunities to truly engage volunteers and to encourage sustainable volunteering and active citizenship.

Volunteering / community service, is a pre-requisite for the Life Orientation curriculum at all Independent Schools. Community Hours objective is that each and every learner not only achieve the required number of hours prescribed by the school, but that they set their own personal volunteering goal and become Active Citizens.

Subscribers to the Community Hours platform have access to a Volunteering Hub with over 100 volunteering opportunities showcased. Once volunteers have completed their volunteering, they are able to log their hours on the Community Hours system. All hours are verified and subscribers are able to print certificates and reports of completed community service hours.

Volunteering broadens the horizons of the volunteer and works to create a more cohesive and unified community.

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